New year, new place.

Started up a blog again at for those who is interested. It is a good deals and steals blog with a hint of food and do-it-yourself projects.

In sickness and health.

Midterms has just arrived and I´m taking a time-out in order to recover from the flu. I´ve been out for a couple of days straight and have barely seen anything that goes on outside my room. It´s quite depressing, actually. As every other person on earth, I hate being sick. It bores me literally to sleep. At least I get to catch up with my TV-shows and watch too many movies. Please feel free to dump movie suggestions in the comment field.

I´m overdosing on karma here.

Good news. I´m going home two weeks earlier than planned! I am so stoked. It took me two hours with the airline company, but we changed my flight. That´s not even the beginning. I´m arriving in the morning of 17th May – Norway´s national day which means I will be spending it in Oslo. I get to see the Royal family wave from their balcony. You think that´s cool? Wait – wait – wait. I emailed my mum about it and suggested she should skip watching the parade on TV and come to Oslo. A long shot, I thought, but no – no – no. She´s coming. So for the first time since I moved to Hawaii, I´m actually gonna have a friendly face waiting for me at the airport in Oslo. Normally I would have to wait until I get to Kristiansand to see any familiar face at all. So stoked. So happy. I´m too happy.

A smart barbeque.

Akamai*, the student club I´m in arranged a day in the sun rain earlier today. And as I am an officer, I gotta make an apperance. Really glad I did. It was such a perfect sunday even though the sun never showed and there was supposedly a thunder storm heading straight at it. It never came, but the rain sprinkled happy thoughts every now and then. With our “own” chef, plenty of food, and jenga – so much fun. The rest of the weekend has involved homework, work, trip to Target (and getting lost on the way there), a pizza date with my best friend and a visit to Nashville – the lovely country bar. So sad the weekend is over already!

*means smart in Hawaiian

Visio Veritas Valor.

Visio Veritas Valor – The vision of the value of the Truth. Photo by: Lindsay Langton.

I´ve been carrying around a big secret for a couple of months now, and it´s been eating me up inside. I´ve just wanted to scream it out loud and clear, and now I can. Two months back, I applied to West Texas A&M University in the charming city of Canyon. Today, I recieved the best e-mail I could have gotten telling me that I got accepted. So in August I´m heading to Texas. So excited. So happy. So ready. This is the school where Georgia O´Keefe teached. The school that produces way too many NFL players and professional wrestlers. It´s the home of the Buffs, and soon it´s my home. Going to be so good to head over to the mainland, can´t wait.