Sad to see you go.

by Dorthea

So, I´ve been thinking; let´s just keep things simple and write this blog in English so you don´t have to switch between two languages all the time. So here it is. New design. New language. New era. All for the better, I hope. There is still some minor modifications to do to the blog, but that´s later. Now, it´s time to let the world know what I´ve been up to lately.

There is still a lot of things going on at school, and I´m not caught up with life at the moment. For the last two weeks I´ve been blessed to have my long-lost-friend, Lise, staying with me in paradise. We´ve been all over the place including beaching in Kailua, hiking Diamond head, shopping and sightseeing . Have had such a great couple of weeks. Now that she left, the apartment is so silent and I feel like I am the only one left in the world.