Give me a couple hours of sleep.

by Dorthea

Yesterday was such a hectic day with such a busy schedule on my behalf. I woke up at 8 o´clock to attend a fieldtrip to Halawa Valley in my anthropology class. The point was to help out the group Kanaka Maoli who took us on a tour on the site and shared their knowledge about Hawaiian culture and how this site is special to them. After the tour we got to do restoration work and my group was cutting down grass around on of the sites.

After the fieldtrip I went to a seminar about local film industry in Hawaii at the HIFF festival. The seminar made me almost fall asleep at several occations. Not because it was boring, but because of lack of sleep due to midterms and homework. After this I went to the library to meet up with my group for one of the projects I´ve going on. We did some time, and got a lot of work done. As soon as I got up to Kanoehe I fell asleep like a rock and slept for 18 hours. Hahahaha. Sleepy? Not at all.

Today it has been raining all day long while I´ve been doing homework and studying for my midterms this week. Such a hectic time of year, and I can´t believe midterms are already here. Time really fly by fast and before I know it this semester will be gone. Well, back to homework and dreadfulness.