Smooth me up.

by Dorthea

The last days I´ve been occupied trying to catch up on my homework as well as my lost sleeping schedule. So far, I´ve managed to sleep all day and do homework all night. Not exactly what I had in mind when I decided to take an afternoon nap the other day, but oh well.

So I´ve had this project in my copy writing class to do an advertising campaign for a company called Sweet Home Waimanalo to create a fictive smoothie reciepe contest. Above is the splash page for the campaign. As part of the project we were to make a smoothie ourself (I made a drink instead, so much better) and then later pitch the campaign to the company. Sadly, the owner of SHW is on a businesstrip so we´re not able to pitch it, but still. I pulled this project together over the weekend, quick and dirty.

I was in such a creative mode this weekend and I actually managed to get some crafting done too as well as bake an apple cake. Oh my, oh my. I´ll show later, but until then Mahalo ♥