My teacher made me laugh.

by Dorthea

Hahaha. I have a teacher who is raging funny. He goes on the longest rants about all and nothing. If you haven´t done you´re homework in this class, you´re told to lick it. So the other day we had a couple of libarians in our class to tell us about the databases we can search for information for our upcoming project. Since I already been through this tousand times before I decided to work on my kinship project for the same class. As I´m writing and checking information online, I recieve an e-mail.

I’m currently siting behind you in class. I’ve observed what I suspect to be you working on your kinship diagram and essay (If that’s not what you were doing disregard this). I want to warn you that the diagram you are working with is NOT acceptable. You may indeed use the software that generates a diagram to help you organize your data, but you’ll need to follow anthro conventions (as presented in the text and on class) for mapping kin. Just wanted to let you know before you submit your work.

I couldn´t do anything, but start laughing, confused as I was. I like the fact that he actually was letting me know, even though I was just looking at my family tree to map out my kinship. God job, Topher. The moral is, as long as you do homework it´s okey for you not to pay attention in class.