No coffee. Just late hours.

by Dorthea

Finals are right around the corner and that means a lot of late hours on my behalf. With two presentations, three final exams, and five papers to write in a week, I guess one could say I´m starting to feel the pressure of finals week. This weekend is gonna be all about the books, and studying with no fun in sight. But, there is a but. It´s going to feel so good when next friday is here and it is all over. A month with vacation, visit from my best girl and the homecoming of two of my friends from freshman year. One of them is only visiting shortly, but the other one is coming back to study. I can´t wait to see them all.

Little by little the christmas spirit has taken over my body with christmas shopping and christmas music played every single minute. It´s my first christmas in Hawaii and my first one without my family present. It´s going to be good to celebrate with my boyfriend and a couple of friends, but I´m going to miss my family like crazy. I already do.