A diner in Aiea.

by Dorthea

Christmas is here and that means I get to go and do all the stuff I never have time for during school weeks. So today, my boyfriend and I, went to check out a great “fish factory” we heard about (after talking about it for months, lol). The ride was a lot shorter than the traditional sunday-trips one would take back home, mostly because you can´t really drive any far on the islands.

We found a diner with a somewhat charming standard to it, and we rolled happily out of there with happy stomaches shortly after. The Coral Fish Store had soo many cool fishes and really we wanted to take them all with us back, but we restrained ourselves and left with only two fishes; Harold and Kumar. Me thinks. I´ll be sure to post some picturesof all the fancy fishes and rest of Aiea when I wake up in 12 hours. Until then, mahalo and good night.