Shave Ice and Art Galleries.

by Dorthea

I truely love Haleiwa. It´s such a peaceful spot in heaven. It has the best interior store with all the cutest little gifts and items to make my apartment go from good to great. The air is more clear and the water is not, but still.. I love it up there. When Trine was here, we took the earliest bus we could find and spent an entire day up there. She got to try the local breakfast known as Loco Moco and I said she was Loco for even eating it. We went shopping and bought matching stuff. Because of tiredness we slept a couple of hours, I had even brought my pillow, lol. After all of this we went to the Pole Plantation to see the worlds largest maze and too eat pinapple ice cream.. But that, that is later. I´m off to bed together with my best friend “fucked-up-sleeping-schedule”, but tune in tomorrow. I´m sure I have something somewhat interesting to tell about the Dole Plantation then. Mahalo ♥