Goodbye Pagoda. Hello Kalo.

Today is one of those days where I just had to kick myself out of bed and go take care of all  the stuff I have put off for so long. Went to school to get a new student id, since I was cleaver enough to loose my old one. I swang by the chinese place for some delicious chicken potstickers, those are way to yummy for my tummy. And before I knew it, I was on the phone – agreeing to move tomorrow. So, tonight I´ve been packing like a hero and realized I have to much crap laying around. So tomorrow. I´m moving. It´s been in the cards some time that the place I have is too expensive, so when something opened – I jump on it. So tomorrow, when we speak again, I´m relocated. Kinda excited to meet my roomies and hopefully I´ll manage to move all my stuff in tomorrow. Can´t wait!

I´ve never let my school interfere with my education.

Wow.. A month of vacation is almost over and school starts in about three days. Holy smoke. By the look of it, this is going to be such an amazing semester academically. I really can´t wait to get back in the game again. Call me a dork, but I do love school and all the work it brings with it. How can I not, when I only have school monday, wednesday and friday. It´s the perfect setup.

HTML and Web Design – My first online class, so I´m kinda of excited about that, as well as worried. I love HTML and Web Design, and since this is just an introductory class – I really don´t expect to get to challenged on my skills. Which might be just fine.

Public Relations Writing – With my favorite teacher, Mrs. M – yay. I´ve had this teacher in two classes already, and I just adore her. She´s the sweetest. Quite excited about the class as well as I just finished reading the syllabus. I´m in for a treat!

Design Systems and Porofolio – Not quite sure what this class is all about, but it sounded fun so I figured I might as well sign up for it. I´ve never had this teacher before, but I´ve met him a couple of times around campus. Seems like a cool dude.

Publication Design – I really hope this class is as good as I wish it to be. Always liked publcation design and always wanted to learn more about it. Now I will, I´m super stoked! I suspect that the teacher is Swedish, which would be kinda cool. Hurrah for Scandinavia!

ST: AAF Competition – The grand finalé. Another class with my favorite teacher who also recruited me for this class. It´s basically a competition, NSAC (if anyone heard of it), where we´re gonna design a campaign for a real-life client. This year´s client is Nissan, and if we beat the other local school we get to go to nationals in Texas. Woho!

Three days to go ♥