Smart Social Secretary Signed.

by Dorthea

Every first friday of a new semester we kick it off with a pep rally and club carnival. Many of the clubs on campus comes out from hiding and shows what they got to offer in their respective booths. It´s a great opportunity to get involved with something you like. Earlier this week I signed up for the Akamai (means smart) Advertising Club, and today I advanced to being an officer in the club. So, I´m now proud to call myself the social secretary of Akamai. Can´t wait to get started and get things rolling. After classes, I headed over to Courtney, to have a quiet girls night with pizza, movie and cupcakes. Only problem is, we forgot eggs for the cupcakes so no cupcakes for us today. Haha. Now I´m just relaxing in my room, getting a head start on my homework while every other room in the building is partying hard. I´m a dork and I love it.