This is what I wish for.

by Dorthea

One of the worst things about living halfway around the world is that I never really feel like home. Living in Hawaii is temporarily. It´s not forever. So I can´t really make it feel like home. I can´t buy furniture or big items, because I won´t be able to fit it in my suitcase. Besides, I refuse to buy stuff, just for leaving them behind. Especially when it comes to decorating stuff, and not like essential things I need like soap and food. I really miss my apartment back home. And however weird it sounds, I miss all my stuff. So what I often do, is daydream. Daydream about what I would have gotten myself if I just could bring it back home. Get me wrong, I do have plenty of stuff that´s going with me to Norway, but I have to limit myself. No big items, not too much breakable stuff and not too much total. What do you want if you could buy whatever you wanted?