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Fat tuesday.

Great night with live music, festivities and the best friends anyone could ever ask for ♥

Goodbye Pagoda. Hello Kalo.

Today is one of those days where I just had to kick myself out of bed and go take care of all  the stuff I have put off for so long. Went to school to get a new student id, since I was cleaver enough to loose my old one. I swang by the chinese place for some delicious chicken potstickers, those are way to yummy for my tummy. And before I knew it, I was on the phone – agreeing to move tomorrow. So, tonight I´ve been packing like a hero and realized I have to much crap laying around. So tomorrow. I´m moving. It´s been in the cards some time that the place I have is too expensive, so when something opened – I jump on it. So tomorrow, when we speak again, I´m relocated. Kinda excited to meet my roomies and hopefully I´ll manage to move all my stuff in tomorrow. Can´t wait!

Freaking charming with Holga.

I love the vintage look that the pictures get when using a Holga camera. It´s just so charming. So when my friend, Kjell, told me that I could get that look with my DSLR camera, I couldn´t resist. So I bought the 60mm Holga lens for my Nikon DSLR a couple weeks ago. Since my camera just miraculous recovered not to long ago, I never got around to test my new lens out. So yesterday, and today, I´ve been playing around and I am totally in love with it. I love the outcome, it´s so freaking damn charming, I could eat it up! Lol. But, seriously – it´s just like having a digital Holga camera. It´s a little tricky at first to figure out the exact speed to run the camerat, but after a while I got the hang it, and it was super fun. It´s not a lens for everyday use, but more for artsy fancy pictures or whatever not. It´s only like 25 bucks, and so worth it.

What ya think? Charming?

All princesses go to funfest.

My school arranged a halloween funfest today where parents could bring they´re small cuties to experience the way we like to celebrate halloween. There were witches, bumblebees, ninjas, pirates, princesses and everyone else you could imagine. Even a fireman dog. So cute. The different clubs at school had booths where they gave the kids candy, arranged game and horror. I even managed to catch the cheer and dance team performing which is always cool. They´re so talented and it amaze me every time what they´re able to do. So after spending about one hour down there in the rain (yeah, it rains in Hawaii too) I decided it was enough Halloween for this year. I´m skipping the celebrations this weekend and Judah and I are going to refinish some furniture instead. Yay us!


Oh, I love the Hipstamatic app. Such a treasure for my darling iphone. Free of charge too!
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