Hanging in my closet.

Top from Brandy Melville :: Top from Forever21 :: Hairprodukts from Victoria Secret

Orginally I was just going for moral support on today´s shopping trip, but… I ended up with a couple of things of my own. Two new cropped tops and some good hair products that smell like heaven.

The sun is gone, but I have a light.

Out of energy. Had a good day. Tomorrow we´re going shopping!


Run Forrest Run.

I love thursdays. Thursdays means the weekend is almost there and it also means I have no school. So today I spent all day in bed, just sleeping and watching TV before I went to hang out with Lex and Courtney. A trip to Bubba Gump to still our hunger was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Now, I´m off to bed before weekend kicks in at 17:05 tomorrow. And you know what that means, right? Beer and pizza after school.

A good book has no ending.

Because I am terrified of getting bored, I ordered a couple of books of Amazon the other day. The collected works of Sherlock Holmes, Beach Road and Postcard Killers. So this weekend I’m going to camp out by the pool by my apartment and read until my eyes bleed. Ah, I love my life.

What´s the latest book you read?

Keep the house warm.

1: U! Cool new people: H, A & T 2: Chilling at the Lanai 3: Norway represent, Svein Erik  4: Cute Ashley making the cutest face ever 5: Me and the very best Ashley

Lots of laughter, lots of food, lots of fun and no homework.
No need to complain.