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As the sun goes down.

I´m so tired.. I´m falling asleep just as we speak. Been a rough and long day at school. Started at 10:45 and had a loooong break before my second class at 15:40. Headed out to lunch with a bunch of people that I haven´t seen in forever before I spent several hours in the computer lab making future blog posts (!!) and doing some webdesign. Two more classes and then out of school at 20:10. Puhh. Lucky it´s only once a week because I´m toast. Above is a picture from sundown at the beach yesterday. And now.. good night!

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Under water love.

I love snorkling ♥

Turquoise water.

Hanuama Bay is my favorite spot, as far as dreamy paradise beaches goes. Not only is the overview before you head down to the beach beautiful, but the beach and the almost turquiose water is perfect. You can rent snorkling gear right at the beach, and go swimming with all these different super cool fishes. If you´re lucky, you can even spot big-ass sea turtles. One of the best features about the beach, is definitely that one´s you´re about to leave, you can take a shuttle up the hill for like $ 1. Oh, how I love this place.

Waikiki means spouting water.

Best thing about Hawaii, the beach is always close.

Let´s have fun in the sun.


About to head off to the beach for the rest of the day with Judah. Been way to long since I´ve been to the beach. It´ll be so nice to finally just relax a little without thinking about school every tenth second. I also wanted to send my very best to all the brave men and women out there fighting for their country, you´re our heroes, happy veteran´s day ♥