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Fat tuesday.

Great night with live music, festivities and the best friends anyone could ever ask for ♥

Red Solo Cup, I fill you up.

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Just saying.

After a couple weeks of talk, I finally managed to drag my to favorite people to my favorite dine´n beer – The Yard House. Over hundred different beers from all over the world. Guess there´s no need to explain my excitement for having Carlsberg on tap in Hawaii. It just feels right. After eating American and drinking European we headed to Nashville – our one and only country bar. Line-dancing, two-step, pool and great music. Definitely a good evening. Now, I´m gonna relax untill school starts again Wednesday. I love holidays that doesn´t quite make sense. Yay for President Day!

Hearts of joy.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Vodka is cheaper.. than dinner for two ♥

Happy Valentines Day. I´m single and miserable. Well, not really. Actually I´m quite happy. Had a good valentines together with one of my best friends. First we attended our officer meeting for the advertising club we´re in, before we headed out for some shopping (gotta treat ourselves you know). After some pizza and resting, we headed out for a real valentine dinner at Jack in the Box before we layed down while watching the latest Twilight movie. One fell asleep, and the other went home. We´re the best. Gotta say. My girl even got me the cutest card  and some candy. Candy all gone, and card is up on the wall. Thank you, darling. So what did all of you do for v-day? Anybody have some secret admires out there?

Run Forrest Run.

I love thursdays. Thursdays means the weekend is almost there and it also means I have no school. So today I spent all day in bed, just sleeping and watching TV before I went to hang out with Lex and Courtney. A trip to Bubba Gump to still our hunger was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Now, I´m off to bed before weekend kicks in at 17:05 tomorrow. And you know what that means, right? Beer and pizza after school.

Smart Social Secretary Signed.

Every first friday of a new semester we kick it off with a pep rally and club carnival. Many of the clubs on campus comes out from hiding and shows what they got to offer in their respective booths. It´s a great opportunity to get involved with something you like. Earlier this week I signed up for the Akamai (means smart) Advertising Club, and today I advanced to being an officer in the club. So, I´m now proud to call myself the social secretary of Akamai. Can´t wait to get started and get things rolling. After classes, I headed over to Courtney, to have a quiet girls night with pizza, movie and cupcakes. Only problem is, we forgot eggs for the cupcakes so no cupcakes for us today. Haha. Now I´m just relaxing in my room, getting a head start on my homework while every other room in the building is partying hard. I´m a dork and I love it.