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I´ve never let my school interfere with my education.

Wow.. A month of vacation is almost over and school starts in about three days. Holy smoke. By the look of it, this is going to be such an amazing semester academically. I really can´t wait to get back in the game again. Call me a dork, but I do love school and all the work it brings with it. How can I not, when I only have school monday, wednesday and friday. It´s the perfect setup.

HTML and Web Design – My first online class, so I´m kinda of excited about that, as well as worried. I love HTML and Web Design, and since this is just an introductory class – I really don´t expect to get to challenged on my skills. Which might be just fine.

Public Relations Writing – With my favorite teacher, Mrs. M – yay. I´ve had this teacher in two classes already, and I just adore her. She´s the sweetest. Quite excited about the class as well as I just finished reading the syllabus. I´m in for a treat!

Design Systems and Porofolio – Not quite sure what this class is all about, but it sounded fun so I figured I might as well sign up for it. I´ve never had this teacher before, but I´ve met him a couple of times around campus. Seems like a cool dude.

Publication Design – I really hope this class is as good as I wish it to be. Always liked publcation design and always wanted to learn more about it. Now I will, I´m super stoked! I suspect that the teacher is Swedish, which would be kinda cool. Hurrah for Scandinavia!

ST: AAF Competition – The grand finalé. Another class with my favorite teacher who also recruited me for this class. It´s basically a competition, NSAC (if anyone heard of it), where we´re gonna design a campaign for a real-life client. This year´s client is Nissan, and if we beat the other local school we get to go to nationals in Texas. Woho!

Three days to go ♥

God save the queen: Lili´oukalani.

For the last three months, I thought to believe that my Nikon D50 was more or less dead. Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to tranfer some pictures from my mac to a memory card I decided to try the good old nikon again. And you know what? It worked. I´m so happy, I just wanna lay down and cry. Anyway, here´s a couple of pictures from when Trine and I went sightseeing in downtown Honolulu.

No coffee. Just late hours.

Finals are right around the corner and that means a lot of late hours on my behalf. With two presentations, three final exams, and five papers to write in a week, I guess one could say I´m starting to feel the pressure of finals week. This weekend is gonna be all about the books, and studying with no fun in sight. But, there is a but. It´s going to feel so good when next friday is here and it is all over. A month with vacation, visit from my best girl and the homecoming of two of my friends from freshman year. One of them is only visiting shortly, but the other one is coming back to study. I can´t wait to see them all.

Little by little the christmas spirit has taken over my body with christmas shopping and christmas music played every single minute. It´s my first christmas in Hawaii and my first one without my family present. It´s going to be good to celebrate with my boyfriend and a couple of friends, but I´m going to miss my family like crazy. I already do.

The Academy.

Hawaii State Capitol.

Rainbow bus.

Politistasjonen pynta til jul.

South Beretania St & Ward Ave.

Honolulu Academy of Arts.

Inngangen til kunstens rike.

Har vært på en liten gåtur i downtown i området rundt skolen i dag. Den ene klassen min var nemlig avlyst idag samt at jeg måtte en tur innom Honolulu Academy of Arts for å analysere et maleri til kunsteksamen. Vår snille lærer hadde fikset gratis inngang og greier. Ikke verst. Selve bygningen ser ikke akkurat så stor ut fra utsiden, men synet kan jo som kjent bedra. Innenfor (som selvfølgelig hadde kameraforbud) var det vakre åpne områder med fontener og vannpytter med vannliljer i. Utrolig vakkert og deilig stemning.

Akademiet huser kunst fra de aller fleste tidsepoker og flere kontinenter. Etter å ha hørt på læreren bable om de forskjellige kunstnere var det nesten litt sært å faktisk se dem henge der på veggen. Jeg mener, superkjente kustnere som Georgia Okeefe, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Hans Hofmann, Paul Gaughin, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse og Vincent Van Gogh. Alle disse store amerikanske og europeiske kunstnere samlet på Hawaii. Var liitt surrealistisk hele scenarioet. I et “ubetydelig” museum henger alle disse fantastiske kunstnere og man trenger kun å betale 50kr for å gå å se dem. Absolutt verdt et lite besøk dersom du skulle være i nærheten.

Nå.. tilbake til hjemmeleksene ♥