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I´m overdosing on karma here.

Good news. I´m going home two weeks earlier than planned! I am so stoked. It took me two hours with the airline company, but we changed my flight. That´s not even the beginning. I´m arriving in the morning of 17th May – Norway´s national day which means I will be spending it in Oslo. I get to see the Royal family wave from their balcony. You think that´s cool? Wait – wait – wait. I emailed my mum about it and suggested she should skip watching the parade on TV and come to Oslo. A long shot, I thought, but no – no – no. She´s coming. So for the first time since I moved to Hawaii, I´m actually gonna have a friendly face waiting for me at the airport in Oslo. Normally I would have to wait until I get to Kristiansand to see any familiar face at all. So stoked. So happy. I´m too happy.

Hundred days to go.

1: Yummy bubblegum soda. 2: Mason jars for pencils. 3: My new laptop case. 4: My closet. 5: Countdown. 6: Necklaces.

I´ve totally forgotten to show pictures from my new casa, but here is at least a couple of detail shots from my bedroom. The rest of the room is still in the moving-state-of-mind or in other words super messy. Two weeks of school is over and there is only fourteen more to go. So tonight I´m going up to Kaneohe to celebrate and to visit a couple of friends who is having a house-warming party and tomorrow there is Super Bowl which means TV, beer and junk food. Can´t wait! What are you up to this weekend?