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Keep the house warm.

1: U! Cool new people: H, A & T 2: Chilling at the Lanai 3: Norway represent, Svein Erik  4: Cute Ashley making the cutest face ever 5: Me and the very best Ashley

Lots of laughter, lots of food, lots of fun and no homework.
No need to complain.

Be a monkey, take my survey.

Please spend two minutes of your time to answer my survey which is located HERE. If you do, you will actually be doing my homework, funny enough. For my PR writing class we were to make a survey consisting of ten questions, and what we learned was that the easiest way to make a good survey is to concentrate on a specific topic and narrow things down. Not only will you get much better results, but it´s so much easier to come up with questions. I choose to do mind around technology and habits – not to suprising. So please, please, please, if you´re able to spare two minutes – take the survey. The more people the better. Thanks.

Anonymous workaholic.

Second week of school has just started, and I can already feel that there´s going to be tons of homework this semester. That´s why I´ve spent the entire day doing my homework and finishing up some webdesign work for my dad, today. I´m trying as well as I can to be on the top of my game, and finish up my homework long before it´s due. It feels so good to have a productive day where I get to get a lot of things done and out of the way. Especially before torture-wednesday begins, and I have to spend about eight hours at school without falling asleep. Wish me luck!

Smart Social Secretary Signed.

Every first friday of a new semester we kick it off with a pep rally and club carnival. Many of the clubs on campus comes out from hiding and shows what they got to offer in their respective booths. It´s a great opportunity to get involved with something you like. Earlier this week I signed up for the Akamai (means smart) Advertising Club, and today I advanced to being an officer in the club. So, I´m now proud to call myself the social secretary of Akamai. Can´t wait to get started and get things rolling. After classes, I headed over to Courtney, to have a quiet girls night with pizza, movie and cupcakes. Only problem is, we forgot eggs for the cupcakes so no cupcakes for us today. Haha. Now I´m just relaxing in my room, getting a head start on my homework while every other room in the building is partying hard. I´m a dork and I love it.

As the sun goes down.

I´m so tired.. I´m falling asleep just as we speak. Been a rough and long day at school. Started at 10:45 and had a loooong break before my second class at 15:40. Headed out to lunch with a bunch of people that I haven´t seen in forever before I spent several hours in the computer lab making future blog posts (!!) and doing some webdesign. Two more classes and then out of school at 20:10. Puhh. Lucky it´s only once a week because I´m toast. Above is a picture from sundown at the beach yesterday. And now.. good night!

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