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Happiness is a way of travel.

What a day. I´m super exhausted, and it´s only 1:27 in the morning. Spent more or less all day moving and getting everything in order. The place looks pretty good so far, it´s an all-student housing and I share an apartment with five other girls. Only met two of them so far, and they seem super nice. Other than that, my room is pretty big and I got two beds as well as a huge closet. I love it. We also have an oven so I finally get to bake again. Yay. Tomorrow, I´m planning on going sightseeing around the neighborhood to spot out good take-away spots and so. Can´t wait! I´ll be sure to post some pictures of my new place as soon as possible, but now it´s time to relax, watch some TV and dream sweet dreams. Nighty night!

Goodbye Pagoda. Hello Kalo.

Today is one of those days where I just had to kick myself out of bed and go take care of all  the stuff I have put off for so long. Went to school to get a new student id, since I was cleaver enough to loose my old one. I swang by the chinese place for some delicious chicken potstickers, those are way to yummy for my tummy. And before I knew it, I was on the phone – agreeing to move tomorrow. So, tonight I´ve been packing like a hero and realized I have to much crap laying around. So tomorrow. I´m moving. It´s been in the cards some time that the place I have is too expensive, so when something opened – I jump on it. So tomorrow, when we speak again, I´m relocated. Kinda excited to meet my roomies and hopefully I´ll manage to move all my stuff in tomorrow. Can´t wait!