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Visio Veritas Valor.

Visio Veritas Valor – The vision of the value of the Truth. Photo by: Lindsay Langton.

I´ve been carrying around a big secret for a couple of months now, and it´s been eating me up inside. I´ve just wanted to scream it out loud and clear, and now I can. Two months back, I applied to West Texas A&M University in the charming city of Canyon. Today, I recieved the best e-mail I could have gotten telling me that I got accepted. So in August I´m heading to Texas. So excited. So happy. So ready. This is the school where Georgia O´Keefe teached. The school that produces way too many NFL players and professional wrestlers. It´s the home of the Buffs, and soon it´s my home. Going to be so good to head over to the mainland, can´t wait.

Anonymous workaholic.

Second week of school has just started, and I can already feel that there´s going to be tons of homework this semester. That´s why I´ve spent the entire day doing my homework and finishing up some webdesign work for my dad, today. I´m trying as well as I can to be on the top of my game, and finish up my homework long before it´s due. It feels so good to have a productive day where I get to get a lot of things done and out of the way. Especially before torture-wednesday begins, and I have to spend about eight hours at school without falling asleep. Wish me luck!

As the sun goes down.

I´m so tired.. I´m falling asleep just as we speak. Been a rough and long day at school. Started at 10:45 and had a loooong break before my second class at 15:40. Headed out to lunch with a bunch of people that I haven´t seen in forever before I spent several hours in the computer lab making future blog posts (!!) and doing some webdesign. Two more classes and then out of school at 20:10. Puhh. Lucky it´s only once a week because I´m toast. Above is a picture from sundown at the beach yesterday. And now.. good night!

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Hawaii 4-0

These pictures just crack me up big time. They’re hilarious. We took the pictures at the photo booth at the make-your-own-keychain event at school earlier today. Awesome event, awesome pictures, awesome people. Gotta love it. At the moment I’m hanging out in the computer lab with Courtney, just chilling. We’re about to head out soon to go to Waikiki beach to see the sun go down. And eat ice cream, of course.

Welcome-back-to-school or not.

First day of school didn´t go quite as I intended. Three hours before I was suppose to wake up, I decided to make a quick exit to dreamland as I hadn´t slept all night. Not a good idea. Woke up at 2:30 PM, when my first class was already over and my next one was about to start within one hour. Typical. But, I ran out the door and managed to get to school, only to be ten minutes late for my second class. Oh well, that´s first day of school. After class I meet up with a couple of people from my class and went to the store and picked up some new sleeping medication before I went straight to bed. To my luck, I woke up in the middle of the night and have been up all night doing homework. Since I have no school tomorrow so I´m going to meet up with my long-lost friend Courtney who just got back to Hawaii, instead. We´re hitting up the make-your-own-keychain activity the school is arranging as part of their welcome-back-week. Sounds like a good time to me.