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In sickness and health.

Midterms has just arrived and I´m taking a time-out in order to recover from the flu. I´ve been out for a couple of days straight and have barely seen anything that goes on outside my room. It´s quite depressing, actually. As every other person on earth, I hate being sick. It bores me literally to sleep. At least I get to catch up with my TV-shows and watch too many movies. Please feel free to dump movie suggestions in the comment field.

Shingles Bells Rock.

I spent some quality time at the hospital yesterday, only to figure out I´ve been blessed with Shingles. Thanks a lot. So the last couple of days has mostly been spent in bed trying to improve my current health. I really hate being sick and I´m about to die of boredom any minute. Luckily I have a pretty great boyfriend who came to visit and keep me company when he was done at school. Thank you, baby. Well, I´m off to bed again. Need another 14 hours of sleep, lol.

If I found out I only had a week to live, and could go anywhere in the world, I think I’d go to the hospital because that sounds serious.